I always wanted my kit to be fun, sustainable, comfortable and work for my shape, but I could never find anything that ticked all boxes, so I created For Every Adventure.

Our Story

For Every Adventure is a concept first discussed in 2020 by triathlete Annie Brooks, and Ironman Coach, Nick Brooks.

Spending a month in a tent in the mountain playground of Chamonix created a packing dilemma. As lovers of all things adventure, we’re always on the go. A morning trail run followed by yoga. Mountain Biking as the sun sets. Open water swimming in crystal clear lakes. Road biking in training for Ironman. Bouldering, scrambling and climbing across the Via Ferrata. How could we fit in all the kit we’d need? An idea was born….

Could we design a range of apparel that could be multi-functional? Shorts that you could run, swim, and stretch in. A vest as at home on a SUP as on the climbing wall. A hoodie that was warm, waterproof and stylish. High quality, recycled and sustainable products that actually fit and look fantastic. Was that too much to ask?!

Influenced by the vibrant prints and colours seen in the surf and skateboarding culture of the California coast, Annie wanted to capture that essence and bring it to For Every Adventure. 

We sourced high-quality, sustainable fabrics from a UK based sports apparel manufacturer with over 40 years experience within the sporting industry. Being UK based meant we could be involved in every step of the manufacturing process, ultimately keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible. We print, cut, sew, stitch and dispatch from 1 building. No outsourcing. No dropshipping.

We spent 6 months designing, testing, revising, rejecting and re-designing based on the feedback of actual women. Meet the Women of FEA to find out more about the kit and the awesome kit testers we’re so privileged to work with.

So this is us. We’re here to make kit that you love as much as we do. We’re here For Every Adventure.

Here’s to the next one.

Our Team

Annie Brooks
Annie is an award-winner blogger from Tales of Annie Bean, she is also a qualified gym and yoga instructor. A latecomer to triathlon, Annie took part in her race in 2014 and has been hooked ever since.
Fur Supporter
The cutest member of the team, Winnie is the four-legged official Fur Every Adventure pup. Often found being the supporter at races or simply being pawsome!
Nick Brooks
Ironman coach Nick has an extensive background in the sporting industry. Nick not only has a background in triathlon, he also can be found skateboarding and snowboarding.