Our Pre-Order Service Explained

For Every Adventure will launch initially with a pre-order service.

Utilising a pre-order allows us to offer a wider range of products, as we don’t have enormous initial stock overheads. It means we don’t over-produce stock, as it’s made to order. It means we can offer new collections regularly and keep you in fresh kit. It means we don’t have products sitting on shelves unnecessarily. Ultimately, we believe in slow fashion and only want make kit that’s going to be used, loved, repaired and worn out.

We will have a pre-order order window operating for one week per month, beginning June 2021. Once this order window is closed, all orders will go to our UK manufacturer. This will take around 6 weeks from order to delivery.  

If you miss a window, please drop us a email, as we may be able to add your order to the production run, or have some additional stock available.