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We have taken time in launching our brand to ensure we can do what we can to be as sustainable, and environmentally friendly as possible. Spending time sourcing recycled fabrics, finding biodegradable packaging and of course offsetting our carbon footprint with MoreTrees. What can you expect from us?

  • The majority of our products contain recycled fabrics, any that currently don’t (clearly stated on our product pages), we are looking at ways to change this and maintain the high-quality
  • Our packaging is either biodegradable or made with recycled materials
  • We are made in Britain by a family run British company with over 40 years of sports manufacturing experience
  • All of our fabrics (apart from one), is made in the UK
  • We have offset our carbon footprint from our one Italian recycled¬† fabric by working with More:trees.
  • We champion a slow fashion mindset, in that our garments can easily double up for a range of activities
  • For every ¬£49 spent on our website, we will plant a tree with More:trees